Saying Goodbye to my Friend

Anyone who considers themselves a dog lover will agree that to have a dog is so much more than to simply have a "pet". Our dogs are often the centrepieces of our families. They are our child, our brother, our best friend. A dog is your biggest fan, and the most excited one to see … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to my Friend


Does Money Buy Happiness?

It has been a long time since my last blog post; much has changed since! I will keep this one short, whilst I find my feet with writing again. Over the past few months, I have left a job I absolutely hated, and yet had endured for many years. I have since been fortunate enough … Continue reading Does Money Buy Happiness?

Why are we so disgusted by romance?

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I have found myself pondering over my feelings on romance, love and relationships. Generally, I consider myself a bit of a closet romantic. I love small gestures of affection, like a gentle kiss good morning. I love to receive my favourite flowers for my birthday, or to have my favourite … Continue reading Why are we so disgusted by romance?